AAPL RPL/CPL Certification Exam Review - Denver, CO

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COURSE OVERVIEW: The Certification Exam Review is a fast-paced, intensive study of the topics covered by the CPL and RPL certification exams. Lectures will be interactive and enhanced with problem-solving sessions. It is highly acclaimed as a thorough land review and an excellent means of preparation for the CPL and RPL exams. This class covers the following topics:

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RPL/CPL Day 1:

  • Real Property Law
  • Land Descriptions
  • Contract Law
  • Conveyancing and Interest Calculations
  • Oil and Gas Lease
  • Ethics 

CPL Day 2:   

  • Pooling
  • Joint Operating Agreement
  • Negotiations
  • Well Trades

CPL Day 3:  

  • Federal Leases and Units
  • Environmental  
  • Offshore
  • Mineral Landwork
  • Federal Taxes on Oil and Gas Income

Jerris Johnson, CPL

Senior Project Manager

NextEra Mobility, LLC

Jerris Johnson is a CPL whose background includes over two decades of energy industry experience. He has worked all areas of the United States in oil and gas and renewables, in-house and as a consultant. He is continuously engaged in land acquisition and management through technology and innovation.

Jerris has served in various capacities for the AAPL, The Salvation Army, the United Way, and his church.


Dorsey T. Roach, CPL

UnitPro Land Consultants, LLC

Dorsey is a native Oklahoman. He attended the University of Oklahoma wherein 1977 he received a B.B.A., majoring in Petroleum Land Management (PLM). Upon graduating, Dorsey began his career with Exxon Corporation where he was trained and specialized as a pooling and unitization landman. Assignments with Exxon included Los Angeles, Anchorage, Houston, Midland, and Oklahoma City.

Dorsey has also held various staff and management positions with Mesa, Inc., Crawley Petroleum Corporation, Union Pacific Resources Company, The Williams Cos. and Cheyenne Petroleum Company while located in Amarillo, Dallas/Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. Dorsey is currently the owner/ general manager of UnitPro Land Consultants, LLC in Oklahoma City where he offers expert witness services for litigation involving land contracts. He also assists companies in structuring, preparing, and negotiating the land contracts related to drilling ventures, and teaches seminars involving land-related contracts and agreements.

In 1984, Dorsey joined the AAPL lecture circuit where he began speaking on pooling, unitization, well trades, and operating agreements. He has given hundreds of presentations and seminars to such organizations as the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), the Southwestern Legal Foundation, the Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas Bar Associations, the Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission, Desk & Derrick, COPAS, and many local landmen’s associations and other industry-related organizations. Dorsey has also authored a number of papers that have been published by various land and legal organizations.

From 1986-1989, Dorsey served as Chairman of the AAPL Operating Agreement Revision Committee. This Committee was responsible for revising the AAPL Model Form Operating Agreement, resulting in the issuance of the AAPL Form 610-1989 Model Form Operating Agreement. The revisions included the removal of many problems, pitfalls, and ambiguities known to exist with earlier AAPL operating agreement forms as well as the addition of many new provisions. He also served as a consultant to the AAPL Coalbed Methane JOA Task Force that drafted modifications for inclusion into the AAPL 1982 and 1989 operating agreement forms that are unique to CBM operations. He currently serves on AAPL's JOA Task Force that is once again revising the AAPL Model Form Operating Agreement.

Dorsey has been a member of AAPL since 1977, and a Certified Professional Landman (CPL) since 1986. He is a past member of the Los Angeles, Permian Basin, Southern Oklahoma, Dallas, and Fort Worth Landmen’s Associations. He is currently a member of the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Associations of Professional Landmen.

Dorsey has chaired various committees or held Board positions with, the Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa landmen's associations. He served as president of the Tulsa Association of Professional Landmen in 2004. In 2004, he also served as Chairman of the Regulatory Practices Committee for the Midcontinent Oil and Gas Association.

From 1983-2009, Dorsey served as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Oklahoma where he lectured in the Business College’s PLM and Energy Management programs. Topics included pooling, unitization, operating agreements, well trades, title opinions, title curative, regulatory agencies, and land administration. From 1995-1997, he served as Chairman of the OU PLM Steering Committee that was responsible for the restructuring of the PLM Program into what is now the Energy Management (EM) program. Beginning in 2008, Dorsey also began serving as an Adjunct Professor in the Energy Management Program at the University of Tulsa.

Thomas M. Rucker II, CPL

Senior Staff Landman

Noble Royalties, Inc.

Tom Rucker has over thirty-five years diversified oil and gas experience and has worked most of the major U. S. basins in all phases of land work. He graduated from The University of Texas with a Petroleum Land Management degree in 1981 and has worked for large and small E & P’s as well as in trust management positions at The Northern Trust Company, managing the mineral holdings for affluent clients.

He interned at Palo Petroleum while attending UT and then worked the Anadarko Basin in Oklahoma with Mack Oil Company. In 1981 he joined Shell Oil Company in Houston and assigned to Rocky Mountain Division. At Shell Tom worked extensively on field assignments in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and North Dakota, conducting title and securing leases, dealing with the BLM and Bureau of Indian Affairs before returning in-house to work federal units in Nevada. In 1985 Shell transferred Tom to its West Coast operations in Bakersfield where he handled land issues in Shell’s heavy oil operations in Kern County, California.

When oil prices tanked in the mid to late 80’s Tom left Shell to pursue an MBA also working for lease brokers and managing mineral interests for California trustees. He passed the CPL exam in 1990 having joined Trust Services of America in Los Angeles in 1988. There, he managed a fledgling department turning it into a profit center. His career took him to Dallas when Northern Trust acquired TSA in 1992. At Northern, Tom was promoted to Vice President and responsible for managing the energy assets, negotiating leases, monetizing the assets and conducting client presentations.

After 17 years in energy trust management Tom joined Encana in 2005 as a Land Negotiator in its East Texas Cotton Valley Bossier and Lime fields. There, he managed a five-rig drill schedule, negotiated multiple-well carry farmouts and acquired large blocks of leases to promote Encana’s drilling program. In 2010 he left Encana to join Pioneer’s Barnett Team and managed the title and drill schedule for Pioneer’s horizontal drilling program and also its surface operations.

A member of AAPL since 1980 Tom served as AAPL’s Ethics Chairman in 2014-2015. In March 2015 after the sale of its Barnett operations, Tom accepted a package with Pioneer and launched Buell Rucker Land Services, offering consulting services. Tom lives in Dallas with his wife, Debbie. They have three children, six grandchildren, and a German Shepard.


AAPL RPL/CPL Certification Exam Review (RPL) - Denver, CO
04/12/2023 at 8:00 AM (MDT)   |  9 hours  |  Attendance Required
04/12/2023 at 8:00 AM (MDT)   |  9 hours  |  Attendance Required
Survey- RPL Review
5 Questions
5 Questions Complete survey to view certificate.
Certificate RPL Review
6.00 CEU credits  |  Certificate available
6.00 CEU credits  |  Certificate available 6.0 CEU
AAPL RPL/CPL Certification Exam Review - Denver, CO
04/12/2023 at 8:00 AM (MDT)   |  2 days, 7 hours  |  Attendance Required
04/12/2023 at 8:00 AM (MDT)   |  2 days, 7 hours  |  Attendance Required
Survey - CPL Review
5 Questions
5 Questions Complete survey to view certificate.
Certificate CPL Review
18.00 CEU credits  |  Certificate available
18.00 CEU credits  |  Certificate available 18.0 CEU
Certification Exam Review - Ethics
1.00 CEUEthics credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 CEUEthics credit  |  Certificate available